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Alien Jungle Bug Productions & Lovecraft eZine Presents Whispers from the Shadows.
We have teamed-up with Lovecraft eZine to bring you adaptations of their best H.P. Lovecraft inspired short stories. Casting is happening now. More information coming soon.

Alien Jungle Bug Productions brings you GenreTainment.
We have teamed-up with ScifiPulse Radio to bring you are very own podcast show. GenreTainment gives you interviews with writers, directors, producers and actors in both independent and not-so-independent creations.

Alien Jungle Bug Productions brings you Reality on Demand.
Four strangers playtest a highly advanced virtual reality game that puts them into their favorite TV shows and movies. But when they become trapped, a fun adventure takes a dangerous turn where cancellation means death.

Science Fiction, comedy, fantasy, and horror--any genre is game on Reality On Demand.

Alien Jungle Bug Productions brings you Silence of the Belle.
In the award winning film Silence of the Belle, Belle struggles over a difficult choice between two men trying to charm her. After a shocking accident at work, she awakens in an odd hospital and finds herself in a bizarre silent film world where she thinks she has found her dream man, but instead finds danger. Silence of the Belle is a unique mishmash of modern day dramedy with classic silent film horror with a touch of old school Kung Fu movie mixed in.

"Silence of the Belle is a witty, inventive and visually sophisticated treat...Kayla Gill is a real find."

- John Kenneth Muir (award-winning author and professional film & television critic)

"Silence of the Belle is an intriguing, entertaining and inventive film that dishes out both comedy and drama with equal delight."
- Richard Propes (The Independent Critic)


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